Cobra Quiet Core Baffle 1-3/4' x 12-3/8' 9022Q
Cobra Quiet Core Baffle 1-3/4' x 12-3/8' 9022Q
Cobra Quiet Core Baffle 1-3/4' x 12-3/8' 9022Q
Cobra Quiet Core Baffle 1-3/4' x 12-3/8' 9022Q

Cobra Quiet Core Baffle 1-3/4' x 12-3/8' 9022Q

  • Customer reviews(6)
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Size:Kawasaki VN900 Classic 2006-2009 / Custom 2007-200


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  • Cobra 1 7/8 in. O.D. x 13 in. Baffle - 9022Q
  • Fits Cobra Speedster, Dragster and Street Rod exhaust systems.
  • Replaces original baffles
  • Reduces sound by 3-5 dbs depending upon the exhaust system and bike
  • Perforated steel construction, Made in the USA

• Replaces original baffle in exhaust systems• Reduces sound by 3-5 decibels, depending on which exhaust system and bike• Perforated steel construction Sold each O.D. On Front: 1.750 in. O.D. On Back: 2.350 in. I.D. of Center Baffle 1.750 in. Length: 13 in. Can Baffle Be Used With Wrap: Yes Wrap Included: No Mounting Bolts Included: Yes Threaded Insert for Mounting: Yes Mounting Bolt on End or Side: Side

Customer reviews(6)

  • Markster2
  • October 14, 2012
  • I bought a used VTX1300 and it came with Cobra exhaust. It would shake the windows in your neighbor's house and make your fillings fall out when you rode it. I put these baffles in and it still sounds great. Plus, it no longer sounds like a cheap poorly tuned Harley. It does seam like the power is down a fraction though. Regardless, it's worth it if it is. I can now ride my bike without getting headache! I highly recommend them unless your only goal is to piss off those that live near you!
  • Aly Rashed Moustafa Rashed
  • September 21, 2017
  • Not quiet at all. I am really disappointed .
  • les
  • October 24, 2017
  • did nithing to quiet down the bike
  • Omar rivera
  • September 15, 2018
  • Excellent
  • syzygy21055
  • June 30, 2013
  • I recently installed a set of Cobra Speedster Slashdowns on my Vulcan 900 Custom. Their straight-through baffles make a sharp, hammering high note that drowns out the prettier low note when rolling on the throttle. Quiet Core baffles smooth off some of the high-pitched harshness without ruining the overall sound. I didn't notice any power loss, but I was still tweaking my fuel controller settings when I switched baffles, so I can't swear to it. I have noticed less popping and backfiring with the Quiet Cores. Installation's easy - just take out the four screws holding the end caps and baffles, pull the stock baffles out, slip the new ones in, replace the end caps and reinsert the screws. It's so easy, you can swap baffles back and forth whenever you want to. I'll keep my stock baffles and pop 'em in on days when I'm not feeling so huggable.